September 2012 Month in Review

We come to the end of another month, and while August was a down month for me reading, September was downright abysmal.  I read a total of 5 books this past month, coming in at just a little over 1600 pages for the month, which easily makes September my poorest effort for reading for the year thus far.  In my defense I’m still getting used to my new job and trying to find time to read with that, and then all of my bowling leagues started this month as well.  This means that along with being at work during the day, I’m also bowling 3 or 4 nights a week (one of my leagues only bowls every other week).

So enough of my rambling and complaining, what did I actually read this month?  Here’s the admittedly short list:

One of the biggest things that occurred around here this past month was being asked to read a novel by someone who follows my blog.  Kasia James asked me to read her novel, and for those who think they would enjoy a light SciFi novel with a leaning towards literary fiction I would strongly suggest you go check out her book (there’s a link where you can buy the book in my original post reviewing the book).

So while it was a down month for reading, otherwise I don’t have a whole lot to complain about.  I’ve got a couple of things to mention about what’s going to be happening with my blog in the upcoming months, but we’ll save that for a separate post tomorrow.

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