The Wheel of Time Reviews

Ok, so everyone who’s read the Wheel of Time knows that the books aren’t split into different sections like some novels, they’re only divided into chapters, and there are about 50-60 chapters per book.  Right now I’m about 3/4 of the way through the book, I’d like to have finished it already, but of course life tends to catch up with me sometimes, especially when I actually have to work Saturday night and then bowl on Monday night.

All that said, I’m going to try and finish the book by Wednesday.  But I’m thinking about doing something different with these books simply because the series is so huge.  Do I really need to have an individual review for every book?  It’s going to get really hard to discuss each book without spoiling events in the book (or possibly from the next book) if I try to write the reviews after I finish each book as I normally do.  So what I’m going to do instead is to have 2 or 3 posts per book that I’ll post as I read through each book.  They’ll be my thoughts as I go through the books, rather than waiting until the end for everything.  They’ll also be fairly full of spoilers as I go through the series.

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  1. hannahrose42

     /  October 10, 2012

    I will probably be a bit behind on reading these posts… I just bought about the first eight books of this series and will hopefully get to start reading them soon. Then I can read and comment about what I agree/disagree with, and have some great book conversation. 🙂

    • And of course I forget to schedule the first post for Thursday, which means I’m behind already. I’m still working on fitting my blog into my much busier work and bowling schedule.

      • hannahrose42

         /  October 14, 2012

        I can definitely relate to that… I mostly work and do school work. I also just got a job at the bowling near where I go to school, so I’ll probably be bowling more now as well.

      • I’m definitely enjoying the fact that I can bowl a lot more this year. And speaking of bowling (and this is something I should have mentioned on here), I shot my first 300 last Sunday. It was in a 9-pin no tap league, but I threw 12 actual strikes, which was really great. I actually threw another one tonight, but I had a few no-tap strikes in this one.

      • hannahrose42

         /  October 15, 2012

        Wow, most impressive! I have yet to get a 300. That is a ways off for me; I think my highest game is something like a 245. I miss bowling no tap!

      • The only bad part about bowling the no-tap league is how many pins my team has to spot all of our opponents. The handicap in the league is out of 250, but Jon and I are both averaging 240 something so we get about 6 pins of handicap between us, and the two other guys on my team are both in the 190’s. The team we bowled this past Sunday had one bowler who got more handicap than our entire team and we ended up spotting them a total of 250 pins each game.

  2. Sounds like a very reasonable way to proceed Adam. It’s certainly appropriate to adjust your posts to changing responsibilities and the material you’re writing about.


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