Wheel of Time updates

So I once again fail to consistently update my blog with my Wheel of Time thoughts.  I’ve typed them out, but haven’t posted them.  But for now at least I’m going to change that by scheduling my next five posts (through the first two books) to go up over the next week and a half so that I have no more excuses for not getting them up when I’ve said I would.

In addition, I’ve also created a page to serve as a central hub for all of my Wheel of Time posts.  Otherwise, I’m off to go start book three and see if I can’t get a couple hundred pages in before I leave for bowling tonight.

Wheel of Time Page

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  1. It’s so easy to get behind isn’t it. When I was on holiday I didn’t do any of my reviews and I’ve only just finished catching up with them! But, that’s life after all and I suppose this it is a hobby!
    Good luck keeping on track.
    Lynn 😀

    • I started reading the third book today, and I had my thoughts for the rest of the first book and the entire second book written out already, so I scheduled my next 5 posts for my Wheel of Time reread today. All that I have to do is go back and link to them on the Wheel of Time page once they’re up, so at least through October I’ve got my posts set up.


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