The Eye of the World – Part 2

Just a short post today.  Here we go.

I’m now about a third of the way through the book, and I continue to be amazed by just how well this book is written.  The characters have left the Two Rivers, and we’re still learning more about everything in the world.  But the most amazing thing that I’ve noticed about this part is just how well everything in the series is foreshadowed.  There is a lot of foreshadowing in this book for things that happen later in the series, including events that happen at the end of the 13th book.  One of the quotes in the inside cover of the book (by Piers Anthony) says simply that Robert Jordan is a lot of writer, and there is nothing more to say at this point except that he was absolutely correct

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  1. One of these days I need to decide if I want to finally go back and read this series. I picked up Eye of the World when it first came out and it is safe to say I was fairly blown away. I tore through it only to be disappointed that it didn’t end. But I bought book two and then three and was equally thrilled and equally disappointed at the end. I stopped there and every time a new one came out I would pick it up at the store, thumb to the back to see whether it said that this would be the “conclusion” to the series or yet just another entry. And of course we all know how that went. Decades later and another author has FINALLY wrapped it all up. Jordan is pretty much the poster child for why I hate long series. Unless you wait until they are all done you have to take a course each time one comes out to remember the characters and plot lines and then you have to wait years for the author to get the next one done. It is one of the reasons I quit reading Martin after the first book.

    But my grousing aside, I do find myself now sucked into Sanderson’s Jordan-esque series The Stormlight Archives because The Way of Kings was so excellent. Sigh.

    Now that Jordan is done, and with many friends sharing how hard some of those middle books are to get through, I’m just not sure I’m up for the effort. We’ll see. I’ve heard great things about Sanderson/Jordan’s final three novels.

    • The first time you read through the series, books 9 and 10 are really hard to get through. But when I re-read the series a couple of years ago (before book 12 came out) they were a lot easier to get through. The first time I read through a book I’m focusing a lot of my attention on the overall plot, but on subsequent read throughs it’s a lot easier to focus on the character’s arcs as they go through the story. Being able to focus on the characters made those books a lot better the second time through.

      Book 11 really started to pick up the momentum from the earlier books the first time I read it. It’s very clear in that book that Jordan started to wrap up the series, and the books that Sanderson finished were very well written as well (again because it’s drawing the series to a close).

      I really enjoy the series, and now that it’s finally coming to a close, there’s really no reason not to read it if you’re interested in the series.

      Also, I completely agree with you about Martin’s series, I’ve read the first 5 books, but at this point, I don’t believe that we’ll see the end of the series for a long time to come, which is really upsetting because his series is really good (especially the first 3 books).

      • With Martin one has to worry about whether he will remain healthy enough long enough to actually finish. As slow as he writes and the fact that he is neither young nor in great physical shape, you have to think this has another Jordan situation written all over it. Which is sad. As good as everyone says Sanderson’s collaboration is, I think it is so sad that Jordan couldn’t live to finish this himself. I hope that doesn’t happen with Martin.

      • I couldn’t agree more.

  2. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but did you observe the Tolkien similarities? I have to wonder if Jordan built them into the story on purpose as some sort of nod or homage to Tolkien. I’ve read only The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (really enjoyed both) and now I find myself also enjoying The Eye of the World, partly due to the similarities, perhaps.

    • I’ve actually never read LotR, although I have seen the movies (I know, for shame). There are several similarities, for example the trollocs as compared to orcs, the myrddraal are similar to the nine black riders from LotR (whose names I can’t remember).

      There were a lot of secondary world fantasy books that were very similar in the overall setting (although that is starting to change a little more now). Whether it was an homage or not, these are fantastic books with amazingly well written characters, I hope you enjoy the books.


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