The Eye of the World – Part 3

Having just finished the book, I have a couple of other thoughts about this first volume of the series.

The first thing that I thought about as I read the book is that it’s very clear that Jordan did not intend for this series to grow to the 14 books that it ended up being.  This is not to say that I’m complaining about the series being as long as it is, because I enjoy the books, but this book shows that it was intended to be much shorter.  Along with all of the foreshadowing for events that don’t end up happening until the 13th book, there is also a very large chunk of the overall story told in this book.  About 85-90% of this book is told from Rand’s point of view, with a few shorter sections from both Nynaeve and Perrin.  In the later books in the series, the group is spread out more throughout the world and doing more things, which slows down the overall pacing of the story.  I don’t know if this was Jordan’s intent when he started to write the story, but it’s the way that it ended up happening.

Another thing that struck me reading this book is just how much the characters change throughout the course of the series.  I read the last book in the series something like 2 years ago at this point, but I remember a lot about where the characters were at the end of that book.  Coming back to the first book, they seem so innocent and powerless compared to the later books.  The character growth throughout all of the books is fantastic and speaks to why this series is so widely loved.

So now that I’m done with this book, it’s time to start on book 2, The Great Hunt.

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  1. Our little group just finished Book 1 and the folks who have read further into the series say much the same as you – about how the characters grow over the series. I also look forward to exploring the larger world and seeing how the Two Rivers folks handle it, now that they have gotten over some of their initial travel culture shock.


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