The Great Hunt – Part 2

So I’ve got about 100 pages left in The Great Hunt, and I’ve got some time to type for a little bit now, so it’s time to talk about the book a little more.

The first thing that I’m going to talk about for this section of the book is something that I think surprised me the second time I read through the series as well.  There are a lot of things that happen in this book that I would have sworn happened in later books.  While I know that the Seanchan are a huge part of the series as a whole, I always seem to forget that they show up in the second book.  But thinking about it now, there are differences between the Seanchan in this book and in the later books.  It’s directly mentioned that they are only the forerunners, and that there will be more coming in the future, which does make a lot of sense.

Coming back to something that I mentioned in my first talk about this book, Jordan is great when it comes to being mean to his characters, but the best part about doing that is how truthful his characters reactions are.  There is a chapter in this book where Rand & Co are sent through different worlds where they catch a glimpse of what their lives could have been.  Whether the lives that you see are good or bad, seeing potential lives – including your death in those lives – is something that would shake anyone to the core.

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