October 2012 Month in Review

This is going to be really short, in fact, the only reason that it’s even here is so that I can keep up my form of having done this every month.

I finished 3 books this month, oddly enough the first 3 Wheel of Time books that I spent the whole month talking about.  It doesn’t sound like much, but they total 1941 pages, which actually beats last months total for 5 books.  Also, for the first three books I was reading my shiny new trade paperback editions (the ones that have the ebook covers) and since the pages are larger, there are fewer of them.  For example, The Eye of the World paperback has 782 pages, the trade paperback has 722, so over the three books I probably lowered my page count by about 200 because of the version of the books that I chose to read.  But it’s back to the regular paperbacks for the rest of the series until book 11, which is the first one that I bought in hardcover.  I’ll probably buy a hardcover edition of all the books eventually, and I know I’m going to get the trade paperbacks of each book (the new covers are fantastic), so I should probably go ahead and buy the paperback versions of each book as well, just so I have 3 full sets, but that’s a ways off before I get them all.

Anyway, I’m not going to list all the books, I’m just going to link to my Wheel of Time homepage for everything I read this month.  And now, I’m off to read more of The Wheel of Time.

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  1. “only” three books is very deceptive when you are talking about big ol’ books like these! I’m glad you are enjoying your foray back into the world of Robert Jordan. I’ve only read the first three of these but I do remember liking them very much. One day I may return and try again. Hope your November and December are full of a lot of fun reading as well.

    • I’m enjoying the fourth book greatly, and remembering just how much everything gets ramped up in it. I have my first two posts prepared for the fourth book and they’re already two of the longest posts that I’ve had about the series thus far. And there are a couple of things that I haven’t talked about in my posts thus far, not to mention that I’m only halfway through the book.


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