Hard Work

What’s this?  A non Wheel of Time post in the middle of my re-read?  Why not.

Anyway, one of the blogs that I frequently check is Muddy Colors, a collaborative blog where the posters are all artists who regularly work in various different areas of the art industry.  I first found the blog when I was looking for something about Dan Dos Santos, who did the cover for Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson.

I enjoy art, and I’ve done some art in my past, mostly from a couple of art classes that I took in high school. But I also took a couple of college classes dealing with art in various forms, including a class dealing with 19th century French art.  I find that studying any type of art (I study books mostly, but also movies to an extent) can lead to a greater appreciation of all forms of art, and most notably of the difficulty in creating quality art.  Which leads to the whole point of my post, I want to point you towards an excellently written blog post from the Muddy Colors blog written by Jesper Ejsing dealing with hard work.

Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

The reason that I loved this post came from a simple line where he is talking about something being too easy: “It is just because you are too stupid to see the problem.”  A couple of weeks ago when I was bowling I threw a bad shot that ended up as a strike.  Someone on the other team told me I threw a good shot, to which I promptly replied “no I didn’t, I got lucky.”  You can always get better, and you will never be perfect.  Even when I threw my first 300 game a couple of weeks ago, there were a couple of lucky shots in there.  He talks about it in his post, and I agree with him entirely, one of the signs of getting better is realizing just how much you still have to learn.

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