A Spot of Bother

This was a book I picked up when wandering around Barnes & Noble.  I had read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and I enjoyed it.  The plug on the back of this book was also really interesting, and the idea of reading about a character who is going insane is interesting to me, so I got the book.

Book StatsA Spot of Bother

354 pages



The book centers around George Hall and his family, his wife Jean, son Jamie, and daughter Katie.  In some ways they’re a traditional family from a story, but in others they’re slightly different.  They argue about everything, they all have secrets that they unsuccessfully keep from one another, but one thing that Haddon does very well is make them all believable.


Various cities in England.


The largest plot thread running through the novel is the planning leading up to Katie’s wedding to Ray.  While this is going on, the rest of the family goes through their own problems.  Starting with Jamie getting dumped by his boyfriend Tony, George discovering that his wife is having an affair, Katie wondering if she should really be marrying Ray, and Jean trying to plan the wedding while pretending that her family is still “normal.”


I enjoyed this book, and when I first started reading it I thought it was a really original take on a family going through their daily lives.  But as I finished up the novel today, somewhere in the middle of the book I realized that it’s really the same as almost every romantic comedy movie about a wedding that’s been released for the past 20 or so years.  The fact that George things he is going insane mixes the book up a little, but while that was one of the selling points to the book for me, I don’t think it ended up being a big factor in the overall book.  My review doesn’t sound overwhelmingly in favor of the book, but I did enjoy reading it.  The dialogue was good enough in the book to where I think it could easily be turned into a movie, and there were quite a few over the top moments, several of which had me laughing out loud.

Overall Grade

Very reminiscent of your typical romantic comedy movies, but as a book it was a fun and fairly quick read.  Nothing overwhelming but a fun read.


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