This book is the sequel to Robison Wells’ Variant.  I was a little torn before I started this book, it had been a while since I’d read the Variant, and other than a very rough outline, I didn’t remember much from the first book.  After giving it some thought, I decided to bite the bullet and just start reading Feedback.  It really wasn’t too hard to get back into the story, and it worked out well without having read Variant recently.  On with the review.

Book StatsFeedback

310 pages

Science Fiction

Sequel to Variant


The main character from this book is still Benson, the main character from Variant.  Overall this book was a little more fast paced than Variant, and Benson was similar to what I remember him being in the first book.  He’s a fairly typical teenager who is dealing with a very strange situation in a way that most of us could only hope to.


The same world as the first book, although this one takes place outside of the school as opposed to inside it.


This books picks up right where the first one left off, with Benson and Becky running away from the school and trying to get to the village that he saw to try and get to safety.  After they get to the village they find a big surprise, a lot of the kids that they knew from the school are in the village, but many of them seem to be a couple of years older.  This of course leads into the longer discussion of exactly what is going on in the story.


So here’s the problem that I had with this book, I thought it was a bit too long.  There were a couple of times in the middle of the book where I stopped reading for a while, and there was nothing really pulling me back into the story.  Overall I think it would have been better if the first half of this book was cut down and everything was combined into just one book.  It would have been very long for a YA book, which I suppose is the largest part of why it was two books in the first place.  But while the beginning of the book seemed a bit slow and repetitive to me, the ending was quite interesting and had a lot going for it.  One of the biggest things about the ending is that it’s not really explained exactly what was going on, I have my ideas as to what he was getting at, but who knows if I’m right or not.

Overall Grade

The first half of the book dragged a little, but it made up for it with the ending.  I enjoyed the story and thought it had a really interesting twist behind the overall story.  It’s also a welcome surprise to see a complete story told in two books, as opposed to the usual trilogy or even larger that I typically run into.


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