Shadows in Flight

We once again come to a review for a book in the world of Ender’s Game, this puts me up to 10 books that I have reviews for from the series, none of them being the original book.  I’ll eventually get around to re-reading the book so that I can have a review of it on my blog, but there are so many other things that I’m still going through.  Anyway, on with the review.

Book StatsShadows in Flight

294 pages

Science Fiction

By publication date, this is the 12th book and it came out after Ender In Exile.  Chronologically in the series it takes place after Ender in Exile and the Shadow quartet, but before Speaker for the Dead.


The characters in the book are Bean and the three of his children who have the same genetic defect that he had, to be incredibly intelligent but to never quit growing and therefore die by the time they reach about 20 years old because they never stop growing.  Even though the children (Ender, Carlotta, and Sergeant) are only 6 years old in the book, they act far more mature because of their enhanced intelligence.  As always, Card’s characters are wonderfully written, and they’re all people that I would enjoy meeting.


The book takes place primarily on the spaceship that Bean and his children are traveling on, but they also explore an alien ship that they find on their journey.


While traveling at near light speed to prolong their lives, Bean and company stop to investigate a strange ship and find that it was formerly a formic vessel.  They explore the ship and find a lot of interesting things about the formics as well as themselves.


I know, that plot synopsis was lame, but when you try and break any 300 page book down into two sentences it’s going to sound lame.  So here’s the deal, I read this book because it was in the Ender series, and it’s Science Fiction because that’s what Card writes.  The truth is that this book is a great example of a parent and their children coming to understand each other.  It comes back to Card’s excellent characters.  You could take the same characters, strip away the setting, and tell the same story.  It’s also wonderful to see what happens to Bean, and how he is able to reconcile his short life.

Overall Grade

Another very strong book in the Ender’s Game world.  Eventually I’m going to have to read a book by Card that isn’t in this world, but these are all great fun to read.


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