The Ambassador’s Mission

The Ambassador’s Mission is the first book in the Traitor Spy trilogy by Trudi Canavan.  After finishing her Black Magician trilogy I was really interested in this series which is set in the same world as that series, just 20 years later.

Book StatsThe Ambassador's Mission

523 pages


First book in it’s series.  This series is a sequel to the Black Magician trilogy, and I would recommend reading those books first, although it’s not completely necessary to read it before these books.


All of the characters from the first trilogy have returned in this book, but there is also the addition of another major character, Lorkin, who is the son of Sonea and Akkarin.  In the first series as well as this book, I appreciate that Canavan does an excellent job of making her characters feel very real.  The heroes aren’t all paragons of virtue, nor are the villains all completely evil.  It’s interesting to see characters – some of them in very high positions in their society – who are in some ways indifferent to some of their responsibilities.  It’s not that they aren’t working on their tasks, but they think about how little they actually care about it.  I find it to be a very human reaction to many of the things that we have to do every day that we often don’t want to.


The same world as the previous series, but a larger part of this book takes place in Sachaka.


There are two main plots going on in this book, the first is that there have been many deaths among the Thieves in the city, and Cery believes that these deaths are from a rogue magician.  The second major plot of this book is that Dannyl is sent off to be the new Guild Ambassador and he takes Lorkin as his assistant.


This book is definitely the start of a new trilogy, and while it does have an ending, it’s really more of an intermission before you start the next book.  I don’t mind because I already have the rest of the trilogy, but if you had to wait for the second book after reading this one it wouldn’t be a fun wait.  That said I did really enjoy this book.

I already talked about how much I like Canavan’s characters, but she also does some interesting things with the plot.  While there are the two main plots going on, there are also smaller plots for each character, and oftentimes there are both internal and external conflicts for each major character in the book.  Considering that there are 4 major viewpoint characters in this book, that’s a lot of juggling going on, but Canavan does an excellent job of keeping everything in order and moving at a steady pace.

This book also does a good job of explaining some of the smaller elements from the first book that were included to give more depth to the world.  There is definitely a lot going on in the world that Canavan has created, and I’m glad to be able to read more in the world.

Overall Grade

I really enjoyed the first trilogy, and I’m glad to be able to see more from the same characters and world.  If you liked Canavan’s other books I’m sure you’d enjoy this one as well.


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