The Rogue

We now come to my first book review of the year, for the second book in a trilogy that is itself a sequel to another trilogy.  Not sure what any of that means, but either way the first book review of the year is for The Rogue by Trudi Canavan.

Book StatsThe Rogue

523 pages


Second book in the Traitor Spy Trilogy


As before, this book focuses on the same characters that the other books in this world have.  But this book also introduces two new novices who start up a fair amount of trouble.  Lilia and  Naki are young students who end up getting in a little more trouble than they bargained for at the beginning of the story.  As always, Canavan’s characters are well written and their actions are always very believable.


The same world as the previous books in the series, although larger parts of this book take place in the Traitor Sanctuary where Lorkin is living at the beginning of the book.


The plot of this book largely follows what happened in the first book of this trilogy, with Sonea searching for Skellin, Dannyl living in Sachaka as Ambassador and trying to research the history of magic, and Lorkin living and working with the Traitors, trying to gain their trust so they can eventually work with the guild.  There is also the subplot of Lilia and Naki, which is interesting, and I won’t spoil what goes on there for those who haven’t read the book.


While there is a long going on in this book, at the same time it felt like it was really just treading water compared to the other books by Canavan that I’ve read.  Canavan’s other books came to a stronger character conclusion if not a plot conclusion.  The biggest subplot resolved in this book was also one that was introduced in this book, otherwise we’re largely in the same place we were at the beginning of the book.  Even from just reading a few of her books, I trust Canavan enough as an author to not be worried about this and I’m still greatly looking forward to the third book in this trilogy.

Overall Grade

Probably the weakest book of the 5 in this world by Canavan, but it still has solid characters and an interesting world that have me very intrigued in the final book.


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