The Traitor Queen

So we once again come to the end of a trilogy, although rather than simply being the end of a trilogy, it’s the end of a trilogy that was itself a sequel to another trilogy set in the same world.  Catch all that?  I hope so, because I’m starting my review now.

Book StatsThe Traitor Queen

539 pages


3rd book in the Traitor Spy Trilogy


By the time you reach the sixth book set in the same world based around the same characters, you’re going to know everyone pretty well.  All of the same characters from the previous books are here, and they’re as wonderfully written as ever.


Same as the previous 5 books.


The plot of this book brings conclusions to the two main story arcs that had been running through the trilogy, the search for the rogue magician Skellin throughout the criminal underworld, and Lorkin and Dannyl’s actions in Sachaka as they observe a civil war coming to a head.


Both of the stories in this book are enjoyable, but they don’t mesh together very well to me.  And now that you’ve read that, you’ve read pretty much my only complaint about the book.  The pacing was very well done, the stories were interesting, and the world is richly built and populated with very good characters.  One of the things that I’ve really come to enjoy about Canavan’s writing is how real her characters feel.  It’s easy to see that a character is worried about the war that they’re about to take part in, but at the same time she’s able to show that they have a lot of personal concerns as well.  She also does an excellent job of showing multiple sides of the situations characters are in, and it really gives a lot of depth to the world.

Overall Grade

A pleasing ending to a wonderful series set in a very deep world.  These books have definitely turned me into a fan of Canavan’s writing for the foreseeable future.


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