Good News Everyone!

I’ve mentioned on my blog several times that I bowl quite frequently.  I even work in a warehouse where we distribute bowling supplies.  Well, this past weekend I was bowling in a tournament and I achieved a couple of significant goals for any bowler.  I shot my first (sanctioned) 300 game, and backed it up with a 238 and a 290 to shoot an 828 series, which is also my first 800 series.

It’s been a long time coming, and I’m very glad to get the monkey off my back by finally hitting those milestones.

And speaking of milestones, I hit another one with my blog a few days ago, March 11th marked the 3 year anniversary of starting my blog.  It’s been a fun ride, and I look forward to keeping it going in the future.  Thanks to everyone who stops by to read, comment, and suggest books for the future, I hope you’re looking forward to more of my insanity in the future.


The Peterson

If you know that I bowl a lot, and you know what The Peterson is, you’re either laughing or cringing right now, and it’s entirely possible that you’re doing a little bit of both.

The Peterson is an annual bowling tournament held at AMF Hoffman Lanes just outside Chicago, and it’s well known as one of the hardest bowling tournaments in the world.  And there’s a good reason for it, it is.

There are no arrows on the lanes (most people use the arrows to line up their shot), the pins are offset on nearly every lane, some of the lanes are so dry that my plastic ball was hooking 12-15 boards, and then some other lanes are so oily that the strongest ball you can buy won’t wrinkle on them.  You get no practice, bowl 8 games across 16 lanes, and every lane is different.  I bowled like shit and averaged a whopping 149 for 8 games (when I normally average 215+ on a normal shot).

I haven’t had more fun in months.

The only even remotely annoying part of the experience was the drive to and from Chicago (keep in mind that I live in Northeast Ohio).  But all things considered I had a great time bowling this weekend, and I can’t wait until next year to bowl in it again.