The Total Score

This page connects to all of the book reviews that I’ve done to this point.  For an explanation of the ratings given to each book, check out my Book Ratings page.

All of my reviews are listed on this page in alphabetical order by author.  If the books are in the same series they will be on the same line with the score for each book in parenthesis after the book title (as the Hitchhiker’s series by Douglas Adams is listed).  For most series I will also give an overall grade for the series as a whole.  Typically the series grade will be included in the review of the final book in the series (as with the Leviathan series by Scott Westerfeld).  Occasionally I will do a separate review for the series as a whole, in this situation, the link for the series review will be included after the author’s name (as the listing for the Harry Potter series).  For books by the same author but not in the same series each book will have it’s own line (as the Chuck Palahniuk books are listed).

To go to the full review for any book click on the link for the book title.

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